FMP Research

The research that I embedded in this blog post clearly demonstrates how my idea and vision for my film has progressed throughout the project. The very first videos’ are videos that I watched just for a bit of inspiration and to see what kind of sound and music films are out their. The first set of video’s that I watched are video’s that focus on sound designers or people who work on sound, one focal subject. My first idea was to follow a sound designer and shadow them for a bit. I then started developing my idea slowly. I wanted to make the video for relatable for everyone watching. I wanted to pose a question to the audience and get them thinking. I started looking at experiments that I could conduct as part of my FMP. I then started thinking about the psychology of sound and why people feel certain way’s because of music.

Suggestions from other people:-

Boom Rhode (video Dom showed me)‘First Day of My Life’ ‘No Internet Week’

My research‘What the future sounded like’‘Sounds for the City’ ‘Do these sounds make you angry?’‘The Beats by Dre social experiment’‘The sound of COS’‘Portrait of a sound design artist’‘Justin Boyd: Sound and time’

At this point in the research I started to look more at the psychology of sound and music as opposed to fully shadowing a sound designer. I also started to look at experiments that involve sound and music, in order to gain some ideas about possible experiments that I could conduct. of sound on the brain link between sound and emotions identified in new study’s link between sounds, smells and memory revealed Hooked on music – ‘Bird’s got swing: A musical experiment’  – Music and personality experiment reality

Their are several interviews on this site where people talk about sound and music. sound affect your taste of street view set’s the backdrop for this visual sound experiment MP3 experiment show’s what 2000 smartphone speakers sound like

I think at this point in the research, I had pretty much abandoned the possibility of conducting an experiment and possibly looking more at the reasons and explanations as to the psychology of sound and music and why we feel certain ways after listening to music and hearing certain sounds. I think that by offering an explanation it would be interesting but overall it would be frustrating because I think that everyone wants to believe more in the magic of music and it’s power and that people are less interested in why people feel certain ways and are more interested in hearing what people think about music and why it is important to them. – ‘The importance of Sound’ – ‘The importance of sound in cinema: Oscar winners’

The questions in this video are similar to the questions that I want to be asking the subjects of my film. sound waves cause emotion‘The scientific power of music’‘The science of emotions’

At this point in the research I had slightly altered my idea. I decided to pose more of an overall theme. The theme an argument and a question; computer based music vs orchestra/acoustic recordings and the future of the music and film industries. This was because I thought that I would make my FMP more interview based but have more of a theme and a question as opposed to a loosely structured narrative.‘Martin Garrix in the studio with future music’

This video is a good example of the section of the video where I want Richard to brake down one of the tracks that he has made. It in an in depth look at the creative process and the creative ideas behind creating music. – ‘Composer Zack Hemsey’

This is the kind of video that I am going for. Only it will be harder seeing as their will be more than one subject. The questions asked in this video are also similar to the questions that I want to be asking. Their is also a good in depth look at the creation of music using software. This video also features similar shots to the ones that I am hoping for. listening to music on headphones‘Headphones’‘Meet the sonic artist making music with plants: Sound builders’‘Loud’‘The gloves that will ‘change the way we make music’, with Imogen Heap’‘The music man: Steve James’‘Composer Fil Eisler’

This video includes several features that I am aiming for. This video also features similar shots to the ones that I am hoping for.‘The composer’


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