FMP Introduction

(I created this video about 2 months ago)

This is a short video that I created, envisioning the kind of introduction that I might like to go for in the documentary.It is a very poetic kind of introduction.

I want their to be a strong presence of imagery, sound and dialogue. This means that the introduction will be predominantly poetic. So I think that shooting several time-lapses will really make the presence of imagery stronger. I think that slow or fast footage works better at times than standard footage when alongside a strong musical presence.

The main purpose of the introduction is to let the viewers know what they are watching. The viewers could be easily confused, thinking that they are watching something that is predominantly about me following a sound professional.

However I think that it is important that I let people know in the introduction that this documentary will also be exploring the scientific side of things. Even though people may not be interested in science, I think that people will still be curious as to the scientific explanations of why sound triggers certain emotional responses. I think it is an interesting topic and people will want to find out more, even if they aren’t completely interested.

I think that by using dialogue from a sound psychologist, it will help make sure that the music’s presence is not felt too strongly. I think that it will also let people know for sure that sound is being studies from two different sides,so I think it is better to include interview extracts from both the sound psychologist and sound professional in the interview. However I think that it will also be a good way to grab people’s attention because I think that by having someone explaining the scientific reasons for the emotional connection with sound, people will self-consciously be aware of the effect that the sound/music is having on them. This will make people want to keep viewing to find out more. Because sound is something that is perhaps understated in the minds of many and by hearing these words they will be aware of it and will be interested in finding out more.

With regards to the actual song that I use at the beginning, that will be really important in the self conscious awareness of the viewers. The music that is used will define whether or not the introductory scene is poetic or not. And I need to make sure that I know how much is too much and whether the music is too powerful and I also need to know how much is too little and whether it is no longer ‘poetic’. At the same time I also need to know whether or not the song helps the viewers to be self aware of the affect that the sound/music is having on them.



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