FMP additional shot ideas

These were a few ideas that I came up with when thinking about additonal shots that I could get which would have been filmed on different days to the shoots with Lee, Jordan, and Richard

100_0552D2 Intro shot. blank screen. Listen…

545856537 Sitting on a bench, listening to music. Interacting (dancing, miming, bobbing head, etc). Staring straight at the camera. Medium close up.

durant Final Shot. Close up. Someone starts placing some headphones over their ears. Their eyes close as the headphones go over their ears. Cut to black. End.

chamber_orchestra I could record a small orchestra performance.

East-Side I could record a sequence of various first person shots. These shots could pan forward as I walk forwards with the camera, to make the audience feel like they are ones who are walking.

Appearance_of_sky_for_weather_forecast,_Dhaka,_Bangladesh I could film a time-lapse of the sky and only the sky. This means that it can act similarly to the no visual sequence, but mix things up a bit. It wouldn’t be visually distracting for a film about sound seeing as it would be the same shot for 1/2 a minute or so, while someone talks over it.





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