Business Proposal 2

Who are we – Our group is called ‘SoundPulse Media’ and we are a group who want to teach young people about film and sound. By film and sound, I mean film and moving image. We want to connect young people with the sound of film. This is because we as a group want to engage people with the film industry from a young age and help people connect with others as best they can and we do this by introducing them to the world of sound and film. They will get a chance to use and our equipment and create their own sound projects using editing software. They will get to use professional sound equipment and produce short films. Their will also be a sound study section as well. However this is very interactive and is not as dull as many ‘study’ lesson’s people get involved in frequently.

What we’ve done – I myself have experience working with primary school students and delivering lessons to them in a long term project with the LSCB, as well as gaining individual experience assisting secondary school students whilst at sixth form. So this is not unfamiliar ground to me, nor is working with sound. The rest of the team, also have great experience working with sound and film. They have been working with it for many years, but like myself are fairly young as we want to be as active and engaging for the students as possible.

Funding – We are pitching for the full funding of £10,000. The funding that we are pitching for today would go towards getting more staff trained, which would be needed in order for them to work with young people. It would also boost the level of trained professionals on board. It would also go towards buying several Macbook Pro’s which would be needed in order to give them the freedom to create projects using editing software. It would also go towards buying a van that our team could use when travelling between distant schools. The funding would also cover over professional equipment and insurance.

Start Up – In order to start up, I would combine my own money as well as applying for grants offered by places such as the Princess Trust in order to get myself the full training. This would be a long term business, with potentially several different options such as signing contracts with specific schools to teach in those schools frequently, or equally we could travel round delivering one off lesson’s to school’s that don’t have a view to long term education in our area of expertise. I would network with people that I know who have important and high up jobs regarding Lancashire and it’s school’s and they would probably be able to start me off somewhere and put me on the map, due to their importance and amount of contacts.

Rates – The rates we charge would not be dissimilar to the standard rates of teaching staff. However the rates that we charge would vary depending on what sort of teaching input we have, i.e; long term or one off. If school’s decided to take us on long term then the money that we earn would probably be in smaller packages and would be less than what we charge for one off lessons, however seeing as it is long term it will definitely gross more than the one off lesson’s. We would have to charge per hour because even if we were contracted more long term, we still would not be teaching as frequently as subjects such as Maths, English, etc. The fee per hour would definitely apply to the one off lesson’s. The fee per hour varies but could be around £45 per hour.

Costs – 

  • Training 
  • Macbook Pro’s £900 x 2
  • Van £4000
  • Equipment £1000
  • Insurance £500

Revenue – Everyone who is part of the team currently has a huge passion for film and or sound. They all have other jobs/courses running at the same time, so we will have small amounts of income every month to go towards purchasing equipment. The revenue will be more consistent in a few years time and we are not relying on this financially at the moment. The group was formed on the back of s few friends simply grouping together and working with sound. Not quite like a band, seeing as not all of us play instruments. And so in the early stages of this group, we just need to make sure that we are fully onboard and that we believe in each other.

Unique Selling Point – I think that a big selling point for us is the support that we will receive from parents and people who work in the film industry who believe that their should be more schools teaching film to their students. The fact that sessions/classes like this are not that common, it will work in our favour because we are teaching what most places do not.

Website – Our website will be promoting our group all the time. This is because although we may have a short or long term contract penned with a school to teach, we can still do sessions elsewhere. Our website will have lots of referencing to the schools/groups that have hired us for lessons/sessions as we will need to provide positive feedback for promotion. The website will also showcase the kind of equipment that we use and the activities that we get involved with, so it may catch the attention of fellow filmmakers who are browsing the web. It will detail our cost for hire and it will be updates regularly as their will be a digital calendar on the page that we can update and fill in, incase people are enquiring about hiring us on specific days.

Projectary – It will definitely take a while for our group to get a footing and start moving forward, so we don’t expect too much activity in the first year. Their will be a lot of networking before any real progress starts to happen. We will all work on the website and network our way onto the market for the first year or so. In the early days we will be more focus on sessions as opposed to lessons and short or long term contracts. So it may not be three years until we have hard statistics to show our rise and progress.

Marketing – Our early marketing will be more reliant on networking. Our website is in the works, but that will be our secondary form of marketing as networking and branching out to other schools will be our primary form of marketing.

Where will we fit into the market? – We will be marketing ourselves at young people who want to gain experience working with sound or sound and film. We will also be marketing ourselves at schools that believe that film that should be part of the curriculum or that film should be something that the students should be able to interact with on occasion.

What can you provide? – We provide young people who have very limited access to film equipment the chance to work with sound, and give them experience that they may otherwise struggle to find. Our teaching is coming from a group of people who have accumulated over 6 years worth of work with sound and/or film.

Who are your clients and competitors? – Our clients and competitors are groups that provide young film goer’s experience working with camera’s, acting, etc. As well as in school lesson’s that teach pupils about film. However those groups are limited because they only teach so much because of the students ages. And school’s actually teaching students film is less frequent these days. We want to teach frequently to students of the same age and offer a lot more interaction within the lesson’s.


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