Sound Work


  • Pitch of a sound
  • Bass, middle, treble
  • 20Hz-20,000Hz (Human voice is 4000Hz)
  • We can feel frequencies under 20Hz, but not hear it



  • How loud/Intensity
  • 0db – Threshhold of human hearing
  • 80db – Loud radio
  • 105-110 – Music gig
  • 120/130 – Jet take off


  • Low range price (Shure SM58 £100)
  • Doesn’t need power
  • Tends to focus on a certain area of frequencies
  • Loud sounds
  • Live music and recordings
  • Good for specific recordings


  • High range price (AKG 414 £700)
  • High sensitivity
  • High Frequency
  • Natural sounds
  • Studio vocals
  • Not great in high humidity environments
  • Quiet and distant sounds
  • Relies on external power (phantom power)
  • Ambient noise (atmosphere)
  • Shotgun microphones (good for interviews) Rode MTG-3, Beyerdynamic MCES 86
  • Good for acoustic instruments
  • Good for voiceovers
  • Fragile
  • Option for different polar patterns

Pickup pattern:-

Omni-directional – Records sound from all sides (place in middle of room)

Cardiod – Picks up sound from all sides in front of it, but within a smaller radius

Hyper cardiod/Super cardiod –

Figure of 8 – Picks up sound from both sides. Place in between two subjects. Doesn’t pick up much sound from it’s line of positioning.


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