Animation Assignment

‘White World’ robot project


Planning  – What are your intentions?

I don’t want to be fancy and add anything out of the ordinary to this video. I want to be straight up simple. Their is no need to add anything fancy because it would make it seem overdone or over the top. So the only sounds that I will be adding will be the sounds that you would imagine hearing; i.e. footsteps, robotic transitions, etc. The one thing that I may do however is make the brain seem more alive than perhaps it should be. So by that I mean exaggerating the sounds for when you see the brain, instead of mechanics turning, etc. Their will be more to it. With regards to music, which is definitely not the focal point here, it would be cool to have some old fashioned dialogue, for instance ‘the robots cannot be trusted’ but in a old 1960’s radio type voice. But that is if it is possible, I don’t want to end up spending ages looking for something that I don’t need.

Production Process – What did you do?

I started off by looking for music. Their were several different types of music that I looked for, such as techno, synth, slow, etc. I originally had a techno dance type piece of music but then I thought that it didn’t work well enough so I just decided to get rid of it, as I was cutting and editing the song to match the video. But that was not the intention, so I ended up just placing a song over the video and not editing it at all. It was an instrumental version of the original song.

I don’t know why I decided to use that specific song. I was just listening to it, and suddenly thought, why don’t I try that with the video. This was because it had that synth aspect to it. And since it kind of worked strangely, I just decided to keep the song as it wouldn’t mean spending more time looking for a different one.

The first sounds that I downloaded were footsteps. The footsteps are basically present throughout the whole of the video. I then listened to and decided upon which footsteps I was going to use in the video. As far as I remember, I did not edit any of them using Audacity or Garage Band. Partly because I don’t really know how to use garage band. Although later on I had to edit some of the footsteps in the video because they did not move in synchronisation with the rest of the robots. So I overlaid another set of footsteps on an audio channel on top of the pre-existing footsteps. I changed the volume of the additional footsteps and made them louder as they were closer to the camera or the audience than the rest of the robots, so I won’t sound as distant as the rest of them. Obviously the additional footsteps are not in synch with the rest of the footsteps, so you can hear them above the rest. It does sound weird with the additional footsteps because you are hearing feet clanging on the floor every half second. Perhaps the footsteps should have had extra bass, after all they are robots and they are heavy. So the footsteps should probably produce more sound. Not simply turning up the volume, but more sound than what they already have.

After I added the original footsteps, I moved onto editing the brain section of the video. This was the section where I kind of made it unrealistic. This was because if you looked at this specific scene of the video without any sound then you would probably think that the only sound that you would hear would be the turning mechanism. I did add a sound for the mechanism, but then I also added other sounds which kind of sounded a bit like liquids. And I added not one but two different sounds for this, which were similar to each other. But I quite like them, so I decided to keep them in. Just because they are robots doesn’t mean that they have no human relation.

The section after this had a lot of robotic transitions in it. Their were a lot of opening and closing mechanisms. I downloaded quite a lot of different transitions for this section. Unlike the footsteps I did change the pitch and speed of the turning mechanisms and they do sound very different to each other, but several of the mechanisms originate from the same sound and you can tell that, but all of these mechanisms are turning from the same places (the head), so you could probably imagine that they sound fairly similar.

After this section I added a few more sounds because the main robot starts to walk out of synchronization with the rest of them. So I added extra sounds for his arms moving up and down. All of the rests of the robots just had their arms down by their sides the whole time. I also had to alter the footsteps because the main robot was walking out of synchronization with the rest of them. This was a bit tricky. It meant that I had to raise the level of audio for the central robot’s footsteps slightly. It also meant that I had to lower the level of audio for all the rest of the robots. Because the footsteps were just colliding with each other in terms of the level and amount of noise.

I then used several more noises for the robot when it was on the ground and malfunctioning. And also for when it started to get back up again. I did however use one noise that I wasn’t too keen on which was the robot’s legs because one of it’s legs was wobbling and I should have used something more believable because the sound sounds more like a robot moving something in it’s body, and not not being able to move something.

The noises used for the part where one of the robots suddenly explodes and freezes in thin air with all of his robotic’s flying around, was just an explosion, which again I wasn’t too keen on the choice of sound but it actually kind of worked. I also used a sound which worked with the robot freezing because it made everything seem like everything had slowed down.

I tried to use the same sounds during the part where the robot close it face back up. For the most part I did but I had to alter the speed because they closed at different speeds than they opened.

The only major noises after this section were the noises used when the robot lifts off and flies which work well, however I didn’t want to use a noise for his booster or thruster. This was because you don’t actually see anything coming out of his thruster. And since the robots were now being sped past, I didn’t use noises for footsteps because it helped you understand just how fast the main robot was going and brought more attention to him.

Then at the end I had to slow down some of the footsteps of other robots as it went into slow motion as it landed. Then I simply slowly faded out the footsteps of the main robot as he walked away.

Final Edit

Evaluation – What worked well? – What could you improve on?


  • I think that the the brain section of the video works well. I think that having several different sounds instead of just one or two makes it better. I also think that the sounds combine well together
  • I think that the sounds for the eyes moving work quite well
  • The slow motion noise as the robot explodes is quite good. I didn’t think it would work but it kind of does so I left it on
  • The noise for the power up of the flight is quite good
  • The slow motion footsteps at the end work quite well


  • The footsteps were not too bassy. When editing, the footsteps sounded fine but after exporting the video they sounded too bassy and the volume was peaking too much. I re exported the video after altering the volume of the footseps. It does sound a lot better, but they still sound too bassy and peaking.
  • I used a wider selection and variety of of noises instead of repeating some of the same ones that I previously used already. It is annoying when you hear the same sounds over and over again. You can clearly tell which sounds have been re-used.
  • I used a song that people don’t already know and one that was royalty free.
  • I did not alter the speed of the mechanical noises as frequently as I did. Everything will sound fine and then one sound will be way fasser compared to the rest of them.
  • I used better sounds for when the robot moves things likes his/her arms and hands. The sound that I did use wasn’t great.
  • I didn’t forget to include sounds for the robot moving his/her body as he pushed the main robot over.
  • I panned the footsteps better so they sounded further away.
  • I used a better noise for the malfunctioning of the robot’s leg just before the other robot explodes.
  • I spent more time working on this project and balancing my time between this project and the trailer project.



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