Song Recording – Task

Acoustic guitar live lounge recording

Edit of the video showing the location of recordings:-

Labelled diagram of recording setup:-

Music booth with mixing desk

Both guitar’s have ‘Jack Cables’ plugged into them. The microphone has a ‘SM58 dynamic XLR cable plugged into it. The other side of each cable then get’s plugged into the mixer.

  • Gain = sensitivity
  • EQ = bass/middle/treble
  • Pan = left/right balance
  • Master volume at bottom right (Black lever)

The mixer will also have either or or two zoom H4N recorder’s plugged into it.

Mix on zoom is all audio sources combined.

College room with two recordings

Edit of the video showing the location of recordings:-

Guitar one and two both plugged into the first zoom H4N recorder, which itself would have be recording off of a AKG451 Condenser. Guitar one would be input one and would come out of just the left headphone, whereas guitar two would come out of just the right headphone.

The second zoom mic would be recording off of a SM38 Dynamic and would be recording the vocals.

download (1)

If you pointed the recorder at the bottom left part of the guitar’s body then you would probably get a warm/duller sound. The middle part would give a bassy sound and the top part of the guitar’s body would give balanced sound between high pitch strings and bass body.

To record individual tracks go to Menu-Input-1/2 link (set to off) Mono mix (Set to off)

Equipment used:-

  • Two guitar’s
  • One microphone…
  • H4N Recorder
  • AKG 451 Condensor
  • Headphones
  • Shure SM58 Dynamic
  • Sound mixer
  • Zoom microphones
  • Two camera’s

What you did and your thoughts on the outcomes

On the first recording session, which was down in the recording studio, I listened to the zoom mics and gave comment on whether or not the instruments were too loud and adjusted the settings, for instance; input level, volume, phantom mode, mono, etc. But I didn’t hog it for the whole session as I aloud other’s to use it as well.

During the second recording session, I wanted to use a headphone adapter, so I could listen to the recordings as well as Tasha, but it did not seem to work as well as I had hoped, so in the second session, I pretty much just held the zoom mic and pointed it in the right direction.

I think that in the first recording, the main problem was the start of the song, when Danny has to thump the front of his guitar, creating a beat for the other guitar and vocals to come in. That sounded way too loud on the zoom mic. Not just too loud, but all distorted. Whereas the other two sounded fine. So he had to thump a different spot on his guitar. It was also because the guitar was really bassy inside.

I thought that the first recording sounded pretty good. I think that it sounded best during the first few practice performances, but Ben’s voice started to deteriorate gradually.

The second recording does not sound as loud as the first, and Ben’s voice sounds more isolated. Once he says his lines, they do not feel enhanced. They do not feel like the travel towards you, unlike the first performance.



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