Email Conversation with Pete (Arranging a promo video opportunity)

This is the email conversation that I had with Pete Compston from ‘Somewhereto_’, in arranging something that I could film for a promotional video.

I emailed him in regards to an upcoming (second) day of shooting for a free-running event that we started filming not too long ago. But in the email, I also asked him if he or anyone he knew would like a promotional film making.

(I am in Bold)

Hi Pete, just letting you know that I am good to go for Saturday 29th November to complete the filming for the free-runners (if anything comes up, i’ll let you know)

And I have completed the ‘plan’ for the previous filming day. Do you have any media links that I can add to the ‘do’, otherwise I cannot complete filling it in.
I also wanted to ask if either yourself or anyone you know needs or would like a promotional film making. Our new college assignment is to make a promotional video for an individual or company. I am also looking into other companies myself, but if you do know of anyone who would like a promotional film making, then please could you let me know. That would be very helpful.
I am looking forward to completing filming for the free-runners.
Many Thanks
Archie Bean
Great news !!

Perhaps for the evidencing for the do badge you could just use a few stills taken from the footage you guys got ? I did ask Danny to get me some so when he does I can pass them on to you too?
When does this promotional film need to be done?
I might possibly have something for you that would also be commissioned. In the Easter holidays next year I’m working with Dog’s Trust to do a promotional film for them to help raise awareness about responsible dog ownership. It’s a really cool project so far as we’re trying to do as much good as possible with it, including young people in every step of the process. It would be great to get you guys involved in that, perhaps as project leaders to support the other young people ?
If that’s too far away I’m sure there is other projects I’m working with that would love a promo video. Perhaps you could do one for somehwereto_NW ?
Hi Pete

Yeh, I can take some stills from the footage that Danny has.
Sorry, I forgot to mention that the deadline for the video’s to be filmed and edited is January 12th. And we are all working in groups/individually. Danny and Ben (who came along to film) are already in a group and have their own promotional video sorted out. So I may be working in a two/on my own. It is possible that I may be working with Natasha (who also came along to film). But just to let you know, that the film (or at least all the pre-production, organisation, editing, etc) will be produced by a smaller group than that which came to film the free-running day (But it is possible that we can nab other people to help us film it however).
But I will still mention the Dog’s Trust project to them, if they are interested in it for next year.
Making a video for Somewhereto_NW is a possibility. What kind of film might they need making?
Thanks for getting back to me to help me out with my College work. Even if their is no-one that you can think of that might need a video. It is much appreciated.
somewhereto_ do have a quite a good/big event on 3rd December. We’re hosting an evening of showcases and master classes run by SYCO entertainment ( Sony Records Artist Agency).

That could be something that would make for a good promo video ?
What do you think? Maybe we could add some extra bits and interviews and such. I just think to make a proper promo video for somewhereto_ it would mean following us round for ages even just to get a small grasp of the large range of things we do and that’s just in the North West.
That sounds like that could be a viable option. Where about’s in the North West is this being held?
Its in Blackburn, obviously we’d cover travel costs and such
That sounds that like that could be a really good opportunity. 

But what I will do next is I will ask Natasha (who is also in my College group, who came along to film the free-running day) if she would be happy working in a pair with me (as she is off ill today and I believe that everyone else has found someone to work with), and it would also be quite practical, seeing as we both live in the Lancaster/Morecambe region, and we are also both members of the Lancaster Young Advisors group, so we see each other quite a lot and it is not like I would be working with someone that I do not know.

But yeh, that sounds great
I will get back to you as soon as I can, regarding the SYCO entertainment event.
Many Thanks
Archie Bean
Awesome ! Let me know when you can, cheers.

It’s in a really cool space too so lot’s great shot possibilities and such. It’s in a really cool old church and will have lots of art etc on the walls too.
Hi Pete

Just to say that Natasha is working on something of her own, but would be happy to help where she can.  And I will need to borrow some others for filming anyway. I was just wandering how large the space in the church is? And if their will be any other activities taking place in the church other than those you mentioned? (which sound great).
Hi Archie

It’s quite an average sized church. Quite a large space. I don’t know exact size but if you’d like to Google it, it’s called St John’s in Blackburn.
There will be a break in which the young carers from Child Action North West will be talking about a book we have been working with them on that will have been published by them. I’ve attached a flyer for the launch of that book that’s happening this Wednesday.
They will be there, hopefully they might perform some of their poetry/short stories from the book and will be collecting donations as well as giving away copies of the book.
Anything else you want to know feel free to ask, by all means give me a ring if you want to have a chat about it.
***** ****** (Pete’s Number)
Hi Pete

Thanks for helping me out.
I will probably email you here and their, just to ask a few questions, if that’s alright.
Their were just a few things that I wanted to find out
What time does the evening of showcases start and finish?
Also In one of your previous emails you mentioned interviews. Would you want these to be on the spot interviews with people who are attending the event (which I would like to get anyway, even if they are just a question or two) or would you be wanting a separate interview with someone on a different date perhaps?
And you said that the event will be run by SYCO entertainment. Does this mean that their will be a musical input to the event e.g. performances and such.
Many thanks
Archie Bean
Yes of course it’ OK to ask me what you like when ever. It might be good to have my colleague Jacks input too so I’ve cc’d him in now.

The event runs from 3pm to 9pm on the 3rd.

With regards to the interviews. Yes I think on the spot ones would be great. Not sure how you would facilitate on a different date. If you have a solution/way round that then by all means feel free. I can happily pass on email addresses of people involved if we can come up with a way of doing it and it’s something you think would benefit your project?
Yes there will be several performances, all 10-15 mins long and there is some phenomenal talent lined up, genuinely jaw dropping stuff!
I can share the schedule for the evening with you if that will help anyway.
About a minute after I emailed you I received the most recent somewhereto_ newsletter, which was all about the event. Which helped me out.
But would I be able to have a look at the schedule anyway?
Many Thanks
Archie Bean

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