Corporate and Promotion Research

This is the promotional video for somwehereto_ based around basically the same event that I filmed, only that this one took place in Lancaster. So this gave me a few ideas about how to use shots and sound together, while bringing in interviews. This is also where I got the idea to use a voiceover telling you to visit In all of the somewhereto_ videos, they use their own special font. I wanted to use this font as well, but it wasn;t available so I had to make something similar. This video uses lots of generic shots. My video used lots of generic shots as well, because it is perhaps the dialogue and audio that is more important than everything on screen. So it was just generic shots that I was after.

This video gave me the idea of using voices of people saying ‘somewhereto_’ because as a viewer, you are confused and baffled about what the video is advertising. This was also game me the idea to use voices at the start and not images, and use their quotes to leave on the screen. In this ‘youth church’ video, words sometimes stick on the screen, and I think that they are really powerful because you remember them. I think that since the ‘youth church’ video is for young people, it is successful in engaging them and grabbing their attention, and I want to be able to do something similar.

Music Research

These are some of the songs that I considered when looking for music for the video, when on sound cloud. The bold one at the bottom was the one that I used. – DC Beat Club


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