Animation Example

‘Assassin’s Creed Embers’

I showed 13:43-16:25 on the projector.

This short animated feature is a sequel to a video game trilogy (in a still active, long running franchise). In the video game trilogy (and in general) prior to this this film, the soundtrack is integral to the environment, the characters and the story. The main character is the main focal point of all three games and drives them forward. And this is the same. This short feature uses all of these three things, the same way that it uses them in the game.

This short animated feature uses a lot of the game’s soundtracks to it’s own use. These really give the audience a sense of environment. This animated feature seems like it could either be using new audio clips/recordings or audio clips/recordings from the game’s themselves, but I think that the sound that it used in this short feature is new sound.

I mentioned the atmosphere of the environment beforehand, and both of the scenes in the city centre of Florence use this well. Combining the soundtrack with the sound of many people walking and talking through the streets.

In the fight scene, which I showed, I really like the editing that has been done towards fighting sounds. If someone is spinning through the air as they fight, the sound may become distorted and a bit echoey. It fades out and slows down at these points.


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