Wall.E sound design research


  • Sound design is integral to the audience’s connection with the film part of that is all about creating environments that you believe in. So that may be creating ambient noise, or sounds that exist for objects or people within that world.
  • As well as using the environment to make the audience believe in what they are looking at, sounds must be created and use to capture the audience’s emotions. And part of that might be that in order to create sounds that you believe and feel emotional about, you must place emotion over science. So your sounds may not be scientifically accurate, but they are successful in capturing emotion.
  • Many different types of props are used to create sounds, these may be either original sounds that exist within the objects (for example a plane’s engine) or it may be sounds that have been modified to sound like something original (modifying one or several sounds to make them sound like a plane’s engine).
  • As part of recording sounds, it is important to understand the frequencies and sound levels. Because tone is very important in sound, and it may affect the audience’s feelings. So you have to record things at the right level. You must then also filter through what you have with sevreal others potentially (e.g. if you have modified sounds into voices) and look for the sounds that sound ‘right’. The sounds that just work. This may be looking for sounds for voices and is often very challenging. You might be looking for several different emotions within, such as anger and uncertainty.
  • In the past, particularly with Disney, devices were built and created in order to create sounds with the device. These sounds could be recorded in the studio, because these devices and other standard sound recorders were too big to take on site and record.¬†Musical sounds as sound effects.
  • With some sounds, you just to use your imagination and ask yourself ‘what would these people/objects/etc sound like if they existed’ so you just have to be play around)
  • You can use devises that modify voice tone. So you may record original voices and modify them as oppose to using sounds to create a voice. You are using a voice and modifying it’s original sound.



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