Coniston: Fell Care Days (Social Action)

Production Documents

Mine and Tasha’s filming contribution to the Coniston: Fell Care Days series was filming Ruth Kirk and Jean Savage who help to organize and run the events. We then edited an introduction video the series. So their isn’t as much pre-production available because we were filming an interview as opposed to several outdoor activities.

Research (Social Action Documentaries)

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Critical Evaluation of Social Action Film

WWW :-

  • Music. I Think that the music works well with the video. It is not too over dramatic. However it is a  bit distracting at times, and I probably would have chosen a different song if possible. However what does work with the music is that it provided me with points to place shots in. Because I tried to time the shots to the pace and tempo of the music. And in that aspect, the music isn’t all over the place.
  • Intro Shot. I think that the introductory section of the video uses some good starting shots, for example, the sign which says how Coniston is linked with several other foreign towns, the lake shot makes you clearly understand that Coniston is in the Lake District if you didn’t already know. But I guess that the lake shot acts as our establishing shot as I chose not to feature the mountain shot I believe.
  • Doesn’t overuse slow-motion. I don’t think that slow-motion has been overused. Their was a lot of slow-motion footage in other videos, so I deliberately went through to find the best non slow motion footage first. Because I personally am not that keen on slow-motion and think that it has been used too much in some of the previews of some of the other groups films.
  • Doesn’t overuse interview video footage. I think that it was right to use audio/dialogue backdrops fairly often as oppose to using the interview clip each time they spoke as it would have been stupid. And I think that their are some good points that are mentioned in the dialogue that was in the final film.
  • Ending shot. I like the ending shot with all of the volunteers stood together smiling for the camera. While Ruth says ‘happy smiles’ which works, because that is what is seen in the clip. And it is a nice note to end on. Additionally I actually originally used some slow-motion footage of someone cleaning their dirty hands. I liked that because it was showing a hard day’s work really.
  • Short. I think that the video is about the right length. As an introductory video, it has to be short and snappy to keep the audience on their feet, unless you might lose their attention. And I think that it covers several different things in that short time such as, what Fix The Fells are What activities take place Where it is, etc.
  • Good interview footage. Finally I think that the interview footage was pretty good. We recorded on the FS700 and DSLR (two different angles) and we recorded audio on the FS700 as well, which made it easier to edit. We used the FS700 interview footage on the video as it is just a lot stronger in general.

EBI :-

  • Less rock shots. I think that their needed to be a greater variety in terms of the shots used in each activity. For example, their are lots of shots of rocks (and in slow-motion), so these would have been taken from activities such as dry stone walling. Whereas their was barely any footage for the litter picking. So I think that it would have been better if their was a greater variety of activities on display in the shots.
  • Many of the shot’s that were used in the video were close-ups, it would have been nicer if their were some more wider shots in their, so the activities and locations were not as obscured.
  • Although it did well without them, the video would have been nice with some audio backdrop from some of the people that were interviewed who took part in the activities that were filmed on the day by the other groups. This would have given the video some more context, even if it was just a short one liner like ‘it was amazing’.
  • However I was not keen on having Jean introduce herself in the video, while still having her name next to her anyway. But also that she introduces herself and then goes on to say something completely different and not speak again. I don’t necessarily think that she needed to introduce herself, or perhaps still use the shot of her when she speaks for the first time, but just use a different part of the interview. As more facts could have been mentioned, as opposed to hearing about something that doesn’t really matter considering her name is already on screen.Social Action Essay Posted.
  • It would have been nice if their were some more clips that showcase the location. For example, I previously had a wide shot of a mountain in the video. shots like these show off the location well, but I didn’t really use any. So it would have looked nicer if their were some wide shots of the location.

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