Interview techniques (Lighting)

Lighting is crucial to filming an interview. Sometimes interviews may have two interviewees but we know them best for singular interviewee’s. You light up your subject with three crucial lights.

.Key Light; The main light in the set-up, the key light, is used to light the subject from the front and is predominantly the strongest of the three lights that are currently in use.

.Fill Light; The fill light is used to lighten shadows. Often these are shadows that have been created by the key light. It is useful if you want to intensify or relax the subject.

.Hair Light; The hair light is exactly what it sounds like, it lights up the subjects hair. It is placed behind the subject and is usually lighter than the key and fill. As well as lighting the hair, it also lights up the subject’s shoulders.

The location of the subject is very important. You will have to take into account; the time of day and weather. If it is a bright day, you can use natural light to light up your subject.

It is good to switch off or cover all of the existing light sources, if you are not using natural lighting. Then you can make your three light set up.

In the worst of conditions, you can use a special reflector board. A reflector board is a round item made from a particular material that is easy to use and carry and does what it says on the tin; it reflects light.

Although our college group hasn’t used it, you can also use a light that is mounted onto a camera, if you so choose to do so.


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