Interview techniques (Sound)


These tips are ways in which you can hope to improve the overall quality of your sound, when recording. These tips are mainly for interviews, but most can be applied for regular sound recording as well.

.Position your mic. If you are using a handheld mic, then you will have more maneuverability. You can position the mic out of shot, in a way that captures the audio the strongest as well as partially cutting out unwanted background noise. You can position the mic away from the unwanted noise, and so the sound will be ‘clearer’. However if you are using a mic that is on a camera, then you can use the body of the interviewee to act as a shield against the unwanted noise.

.Check the busyness of the room or outdoors area. Their are many different factors which could give you unwanted noise; cars, planes, animals, pedestrians, etc. So it is good that you check how busy your chosen location will be.

.If you are shooting indoors, then you may have the problem of acoustics. The room that you may be shooting in may allow for echo’s. But you can place certain materials against the walls and such to suppress the echoes.

.Check the levels. If you are using a tascam, then you will want to check and alter the sound levels beforehand, so nothing sounds too loud or too quiet.

.It is a good idea to ask the interviewee a few questions beforehand, so you can get a good idea of how loud he/she will be speaking. But you will have to ask them something which they can answer with a normal tone. If you say ‘say something’, it is unlikely that their voice will remain at that same level for the whole interview.

.When adjusting the audio, you can use headphones to get a better idea of how everything sounds as you can listen in for background noise e.g. vehicles, animals, etc.



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